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MenuChain is a free, and easy to use online ordering system for small restaurant operators. The goal is to increase convenience to customers by allowing them to make orders from their desktop or mobile devices, as well as being mutually beneficial to small business owners. Having online orders will decrease the amount of time employees are on the phone, and should theoretically decrease the amount of communication errors. At the moment MenuChain is built off Facebook, which gives customers an easy way to register, but also a deterrent for customers to make fake orders. How it works is very simple. Customers order online, and then the order is faxed/printed within the restaurant. MenuChain is NOT a delivery service, and has no intention on being so. The plan is to be a simple online ordering system that small restaurant owners can incorporate into their business with no upfront or monthly fees. Currently the service is within beta status. A small selection of targeted restaurants have been invited to participate in the first release of the service, however we welcome any small restaurant wanting to try out the service. Email sales [at] menuchain.com for more information, and to get set up.


Andrew Wei